Regulatory/MSDS Labeling

Chemical companies must carry "pages" of government required information on their products. JH Bertrand can make booklet labels that exceed 92 pages.

  • Legal Copy
  • General Information
  • First Aid
  • Safety Recommendations
  • Precautionary Statements
  • Conditions of Sale and Limitation of Warranty/Liability
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Storage and Disposal
  • Directions for Use (DFU)
  • Statements of Practical Treatment
  • MSDS
  • Right-to-know, WHMIS, EPA, GHS-Europe, EEA-Europe, FDA, OSHA
  • Instructional
  • And other warnings

See samples below.

Ag chem (foldout label)
Chemical-Data-Necker with MSDS  #4
Ag chem- 2 insert-Directions For Use (DFU) and MSDS (Mega Label)
Herbicide instructions (Data-Necker)
Ag chem (foldout label)
Ag chem (Mega Label with booklet inside
Ag chem (foldout label)
Chemical (Mega Label with foldout inside)
Pest control instructions for horse spray product (Booklet Label)
Pesticide instructions (Paper Hang Tag )
Herbicide instructions (Data-Necker)
Pharmaceutical instructions (foldout label)

56 paged booklet label