Shaped and Round Booklet Labels

Shaped and Round Booklet Labels








All kinds of shapes available including asymmetrical. We can get pretty creative!!

There are many times when our customers want something to fit
an area that isn't square or rectangular. For example, if a customer
wants to put a booklet label on the bottom or top of a round
container, a scalloped booklet label is the solution because a square
booklet label has two problems: (a) You'll have to make it very small
so the corners don't stick over the edge which severely limits copy
space. (b) Or, you can make it a standard size and live with sticky
corners coming over the edge. This solution doesn't look very

Sometimes, we get requests for booklet labels to fit an unusually
 bottle design. The Equine Spray (shown above) is a good
example of an asymmetrical shape. The customer wanted to maximize
the label space while making it look more like part of the container.

We can make an almost unlimited amount of shapes both symmetrical
such as round, scalloped and trapezoids or asymmetrical shapes.


  • An offset printed booklet or pamphlet laminated (or glued) to a die cut pressure sensitive base label.
  • The pamphlet or booklet can be printed with unlimited colors including 4 color process.
  • The smallest booklet label is approximately .5" x 1.25"
    (3/4" folded pamphlet). The largest is 12" x 18"
  • Glued or stapled spine for booklets.
  • Maximum page count for booklets is 112. Maximum unfold for pamphlets is 36"
  • The pressure sensitive base label is made of paper or film and can be printed up to 14 colors
    including 4 color process.
  • Permanent, removable and low temp adhesives available.
  • Produced on rolls for manual or automatic application. 20" maximum outer roll diameter. 3" or 6" cores.
  • One time opening or multiple open and resealable feature.
  • Options- Bar coding, variable numbering, die cut tabs, back numbering, and piggy back labels.
  • No minimum quantity.
  • Leadtime average: 10-15 days depending on complexity and options.


Comments: You'd be surprised at the incredible shapes we can create!