Glued Booklet Label with Special Resealable Opening

Glued Booklet Label

An offset printed booklet or pamphlet GLUED to a die cut pressure sensitive label. WE DON'T USE AN OVERLAMINATE FOR THIS BOOKLET LABEL which makes it EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD AROUND CURVED SURFACES. The pressure sensitive base label is made of paper or film and can be printed up to 10 colors. Booklet Labels are produced on rolls for manual or automatic application. This booklet label has a special resealable edge that is superior to most other resealable release coatings because it's made with multiple plies of adhesive. It can be opened and closed for years because it is so much stronger. Since it is not laminated, the cover can be imprinted by a much wider variety of printers. Maximum foldout is 36". Maximum page count for booklets is 96. Smallest Booklet Label is approx. 1" x 1 1/2" (5/8" folded pamphlet). 12" x 14" is maximum label size (11" x 13" folded pamphlet or booklet) Minimum run is 1000. A wide variety of permanent and removable adhesives is available. Maximum outer diameter of roll 18". 3" or 6" cores. The pamphlet or booklet is offset printed with pms and/or four color process colors. Bar coding, consecutive numbering, digital variable printing and right angle folded pieces are optional.

Comments: Exceptionally good around curved surfaces. Has long lasting resealable opening. Great with curved surfaces because we use no overlaminate that restricts it from curving!

What happens when you use a standard foldout label on a small round container.

This is a picture showing why you shouldn't use a standard foldout label on tight curves. The lamination forms a bump (see arrow) as the booklet label is applied to the containers. The bump creates an ugly crushed wing. Moreover, the wing has so much tension that it becomes stiff and often will lift days after application.  When we use the “glued booklet label”, the "Baseless" or "Lam to Liner" constructions, the tension is removed and the booklet label lays down smoothly. Our products for curved surfaces open easier and apply much better with automatic label equipment.

Glued Booklet Label