Pharmaceutical and Medical Device
Booklet LabelsPharmacist with empty pharmaceutical containers

This market is based on producing high quality booklet labels by adhering to the most exacting SOPs. Quality is defined by the following:

  • No broken or missing text
  • No missing labels
  • No mixed up product
  • No blemishes
  • No debris like hair and dirt
  • Matching color and spec
  • Exact counts
  • Minimum splices per roll
  • Correct paperwork

JH Bertrand achieves the standard through segregation of product, line clearance, and multiple levels of computer and human inspection and lots of training.  

For clinical, we go one step further and watch carefully for anything that might unblind a doubled blinded study.

Patients and doctors are always trying to guess which medications have the active ingredients. We watch the booklet labels closely for anything that could be interpreted as a sign that the product is the active ingredient. Here are a few examples of what we watch for:

  • Different shades of paper
  • A very small mark that might repeat in the paper or print
  • A very slight variation in the printed color
  • Anything that might be considered to be a hidden "code"

Patented pharmaceutical booklet label for round containers









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