Welcome Label Printers!

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We have many great friends in the label business. Admittedly, label printers can be the most demanding customers-- like doctors treating other doctors. Often, however, they are the most rewarding because we always learn quite a bit from the experience. 

There are three kinds of label printers that do business with JH Bertrand.

A. The first is happy to outsource and has no thoughts of ever getting into the business.

B. The second is interested in outsourcing until they get the equipment to make booklet labels.

C. The third has the equipment, but wants to get out of the business. (Not surprisingly, this is a growing segment. The best quote I have heard a converter say is "I'm done with anything that doesn't run in line.")

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Label Printers that don't want to make booklet labels

For those who aren't interested in making their own booklet labels or are getting out of the business, we offer all the capabilities we would for any other customer with some additional advantages: 

  • You can send us your flexo printed onserts (booklets). Label printers are printed and folding the onserts. They are even die cutting tabs!
  • You can send us your printed base web materials for conversion as we can reregister them.
  • You can have us do everything turn key (95% of our orders go this way).
  • You can buy raw materials and send them to us.
  • You can send us cores, cartons, ID labels and other things that will make your product appear to come from your plant.
  • You can send us dies provided they fit our equipment. Our presses are 13" wide.

We will work with you in just about any way you wish. There is no solution that fits everybody so we want to give you the ultimate in flexibility.

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Label Printers who are planning on making booklet labels

Of course, we are going to do everything we can to make your experience so good that you will rethink your interest in getting into the business. However, if you do decide to buy booklet label equipment, there are many reasons why you will still need us AFTER you buy the equipment.

  1. The onsert is too small for your onserter.  JH Bertrand has a variety of proprietary techniques to get onserts smaller than 1" to work on the booklet label equipment.
  2. You need to offer your client a construction for a round container. We have patented solutions.
  3. You don't want to break into a press run.
  4. You want you booklet glued to the base label or don't want overlaminate on the top of the booklet.
  5. You need variable printing.
  6. You want to do an inline fold (plowfold), but don't have that type of equipment.
  7. You have an onsert that is in spec for your onserter, but won't feed through your equipment. We have a lot of experience with troublesome onserts.
  8. The die cutting spec is too tight for your equipment. We have the ability to start and stop our press frequently to adjust for "hold ins" that are too tight.
  9. You don't have enough production capacity. We have 21 onserters available to us.
  10. You need to run a very thick booklet (ie 32 pages and up).
  11. You have a base label that is more colors than your press can do.
  12. You have a clinical or pharmaceutical booklet label project that you need the right protocol.
  13. You don't use your onserter enough. You have decided to outsource your production and stick to your core business.
  14. You want to add something special to your product like a peel off label or transfer tape.
  15. You don't want to bog down your new million dollar press with a project that runs at 50-80 feet a minute. You can't get the four color process base to register properly.
  16. You need a neck hanger, encapsulation or other specialty product that can't be made with an onserter.
  17. You can't make a production deadline.
We aren't threatened by your decision to buy booklet label equipment. We understand that some business may end, but believe and have frequently seen where other opportunities come up. (ie-the list above). Please keep us in mind after you buy the equipment.