Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the difference between a Booklet Label and a Mega Label?

We define a Booklet Label as a pamphlet or booklet that is laminated or glued to a pressure sensitive label. The booklet or pamphlet is die cut in the process of making the Booklet Label. Conversely, the Mega Label is a booklet or pamphlet that is sealed in a die cut pouch. This pouch is formed by a layer of clear plastic on top and a pressure sensitive label on the bottom. The difference is that the booklet or pamphlet in a Mega Label is NEVER die cut ONLY the pouch is die cut. On the other hand, the Booklet Label has a thin poly film that laminates directly to the pamphlet. The film extends 1/4" on either side of the printed piece which allows the printed piece to be anchored to the pressure sensitive label. The Mega Label's film never laminates to the printed insert inside. It is a true pouch. It can be 100% sealed while the Booklet Label always has 2 non-laminated sides. The Mega Label can carry more than one insert inside. There are other differences, but these are the key ones.

How do I determine my Label Position Number?

Label Position Number
Our industry has assigned numbers for the orientation of label copy. The number tells us which way you want the label to come off the roll for automatic application. If the wrong label position is picked, your labels will not apply in the correct position. For example, if you want a label position #3 and you pick a label position #1, the label COPY will be applied sideways on your container. There is no way to fix this. The labels can only be applied by hand at that point. If you picked a label position #3, and you really wanted a position #4, we can rewind the roll so it can be automatically applied. As you can see, picking the right label position is critical.
The person who runs the label application machine is the one to consult regarding the proper label position for automatic application.

Can JH Bertrand send a rep to visit me?

JH Bertrand has a small direct sales force. We routinely fly all over the United States and Canada to see our customers. Most of our customers are located over 1,000 miles away from our plant so we use phone, fax, email and FedEx to communicate. Every JH Bertrand customer, however, gets visited at least a few times a year. If you feel a visit is important, we will come.

What's the difference between a booklet label and foldout label?

A booklet label is a stapled or glue bound booklet laminated (or glued) to a pressure sensitive label. A foldout label is a "folded pamphlet" that has been laminated (or glued) to a pressure sensitive label. It is important to note that we use both terms as generic terms that "symbolize" all forms of labels that have pages...thus we call our company The Booklet Label Company.

How fast can a booklet label be applied?

The fastest we have applied Booklet Labels/Foldout Labels is 420 a minute with a Labelair. That's 25,200 an hour! Our 2" x 2" labels with a 4 panel foldout were applied to canned clams. Our typical application speeds are 35 to 100 per minute.

What artwork programs do you use?

Mac or IBM
Quark (preferred)
Microsoft Word (non colored text only)
For some booklet labels, we will need to make you a template in your program of choice so you can fill it in.

What is your average turnaround time for your products?

14-16 working days from new artwork. 12-14 working days for reorders.

Will you do faster turn-arounds?

Absolutely! Call us. There are times we can do the jobs 50% faster than our normal turn times. It depends on many factors so please call and ask. We're happy to help when we can!!

What are your minimum runs?

We have no minimum runs! As a matter of fact, we are great at short runs.

Do you have products other than those listed on the product page?

Absolutely! We are skilled at mixing and matching our processes to make unique constructions. Our core processes are: Onserting booklets onto pressure sensitive. Taping printing. Encapsulating printing and adding pressure sensitive. Making specialized hang tags. We can use different films, papers and adhesives to create a special product just for you. Ask us. We'll be happy to send you some of our "what if" products.

How do I calculate how much copy space I will need in my Booklet Label?

Calculate the square inches your copy space currently takes up. Print the text on a piece of paper. Make sure they are printed only one side. For each page, multiply WIDTH x HEIGHT x NUMBER OF PAGES. Make your text the size you expect it to be in your Booklet Label. (for example 10 point type) Sample calculation: You have five (printed one side) 8 1/2" x 11" pages of text. You will go 8.5 x 11 x 5 = 467.5 square inches. Note: If you have pages printed two sides, you will have to go width x height x number of pages x 2 sides.

What materials do I need to provide to have you make me a FREE blank mock-up?

A blank mock-up will show you the size and function of the label. To make an accurate mock-up, we need a container, a copy of the text you want to "fit" in your Booklet Label (or square inches if you have done the calculation for us) and an idea of which label system you prefer. From there, we'll make you a free blank mock-up.

How long does it take to quote me a price?

24-48 hours is average. Our quotes are much more complicated than other types of printing such as pressure sensitive labels. Many of our products have multiple steps in manufacturing so we have to put all the "materials and processes" together to give you a quote. We offer faster ballpark quotes on similar sized labels if you are really in a rush.

Can you give me a fast ballpark quote?

Yes! We'll find a quote that is similar in size and colors and get it turned around the same day for you.

Do you manufacture on weekends?

Yes! We produce on both Saturday and Sunday particularly during the Fall and Spring which are our busiest times. This is why we are good at quicker turn-arounds.