Booklet label onserts are often made on offset presses

Welcome Commercial Printers

You can add booklet labels to your print offering to get the following benefits

  • Your sales staff can use them as door openers.
  • You can deepen your relationship with existing accounts.
  • You can keep competitors from gaining ground on existing accounts.
  • You can add new accounts that will blossom into traditional business.

FAQ "Booklet Labels are not part of our core business. Why should we sell them?" There is a trend toward commercial printers offering a broader basket of printed and digital products. Booklet Labels are a natural extension of that movement as a core part of a booklet label is often an offset printed booklet or pamphlet.

FAQ "We don't know anything about booklet labels. What kind of support are we going to get?" JH Bertrand's project management staff is highly skilled in helping commercial printers prepare their projects for conversion into booklet labels. Beyond that, you are always welcome to speak with Jeff Bertrand (CEO) or Keith Schwertfeger (Director of Business Development) about strategy and product information.

FAQ "Can we print the booklets and send them to JH Bertrand for conversion into booklet labels?" Yes. Absolutely. This is why commercial printers are natural partners to us. We routinely get flat and folded sheets from all over the country that we convert into booklet label products. We thoroughly enjoy these types of collaborations.

When you send us the printing, you get the following benefits

  • You take out the mark-up.
  • You use your own equipment.
  • You can control the print quality.
  • Your customer can do the press ok at your facility.
  • You know exactly what you are getting.
  • You can tell your customer that you are manufacturing part of it. (We act as your "bindery")

FAQ "What about freight?" Freight is often a small expense relative to the entire cost of the project so it is not a big issue.

What you can send us

  • Flat sheets.
  • Folded booklets and pamphlets (see packaging spec below).
  • Printed cartons and core labels to maintain your brand identity.
  • Shipping documents and other paperwork.
  • Artwork filled out in one of our supplied templates.

FAQ "What if we want JH Bertrand to handle the printing for us?" It's just fine. This happens all the time for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, the job turns into a plowfolded project where it is printed, folded and converted IN LINE which would eliminate the need for the printing to be shipped. 

Resources to help you understand how we work with commercial printers 

FAQ "What is an onsert?" An onsert is a booklet or pamphlet in multi-up form. We take that onsert and die cut it into individual booklet labels.

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