Booklet Label Startup Questions

These are the questions that really help us to understand your project. For a quote, we only need a fraction of these questions answered. 

 Getting the answers is easier than he thinks!

Define the project

  • What is the project for? (Pharma, Chemical, Promotional, Clinical, other)
  • What is the booklet label going on?  (bottle, box, bag, vial, other)
  • What is the surface material? (plastic, glass, metal, paper, other)
  • Is the surface textured or smooth?
  • Will the booklet label be applied to a round, square or flat surface?
  • What is the application temperature?  (room temp, refrigerated, freezing, cryogenic freeze)
  • If a liquid, what is the temperature of the liquid during filling?
  • What is the maximum/minimum temperatures that the booklet label is going to exist in?
  • Is there a booklet label construction on our product's section that inspired you?
  • When do you need Booklet Labels in house?


Booklet Label Specifics

  • Quantities?  How many versions?
  • Do the booklet labels have to be automatically applied? If yes, what is the application unwind number?
  • What is the size of the booklet label?  Measure north and south and then east and west (Height x Width). We call this measurement the "die strike".
  • Do you want a foldout or a booklet?  If a booklet, is it stapled or glued?
  • How many printed pages?  If you provide us with the copy, we can estimate how much space it will take.
  • How many printed colors? (Cover- Inside pages-On the base label)
  • Is the base label film or paper?
  • Permanent or removable adhesive?
  • Maximum outer diameter size of the roll?  
  • 3" or 6" cores?
  • Do they need the booklet label to be resealable?
  • Does it need a tab?
  • Is there a special code that needs to be printed or do you need to have it receptive to code printing? (Barcodes-Consecutive numbering-Variable numbering)
  • Do you need an RFID or other electronic component?
  • Is a special liner needed such as poly?
  • If manually applied, do you need small rolls or sheeted?