Clinical Booklet Labels  (Our clinical unit - Bertrand Clinical Label - has its own website. Bertrandclinicallabel.com)


If your company is involved with clinical trial materials/packaging, JHB's Clinical Booklet Label Division offers you a complete solution with some real advantages.

  • Reduction of project cycle time:  We understand the high cost of drugs waiting for labels. This is why we work hard to get your proofs and labels faster than the industry average. 10-12 working days for generic booklet labels. Under 4 weeks for variable printed labels and booklets. 
  • Solid solutions for round and square containers: We know that multiple languages take up a lot of space on small containers and that there may be other labels on the container. We offer 4 constructions (see below) to solve these problems which includes options to help you customize them exactly the way you need to.  Whether you are putting the label on a tight circumference such as a vial or bending it around the edges of a square container, we have a construction that works for you...and opens nicely for the end patient/subject. All constructions can be machine applied if necessary!
  • Random Variable Codes with 100% OCR verification: JHB offers the ability to print random codes in 300-600 DPI quality directly on your booklet label or on single ply labels that are applied later to your booklet cover. You send us a CSV or Excel file; we print the codes. We go one step further and verify your codes with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner that checks to see if the codes were printed and in the right sequence. This is just a sample of our robust quality program. See Random Variable Codes for some information.
  • Project savings by using pre-printed booklets that are code printed later:  We can save you money by printing all your booklet labels at one time and then coding them in batches as your need them. We can randomize print existing booklets in 7 days or less- replacements in 1-2 days. The added benefit is that the booklets all look the same which helps prevent an un-blind issue.
  • Free storage of booklet labels for campaigns. If you do order all the generic booklet labels at one time, we will store them in a climate controlled facility free of charge.
  • Next Day shipment of reprints.  Damaging labels in your production can be a big pain. We don't want you to wait long for reprints so we are committed to making variable reprints ready for shipment the next day. 
  • Strong quality program: Any company can say that they have great quality. We say you can only prove it by showing your SOP's and quality tools. See the list of "tools" we use to achieve quality.
  • Competitive prices- With risk mitigation at the heart of our program, JH Bertrand streamlined its operations to offer very competitive prices. Quote us today to see.

Our detailed project managers make the process easy and smooth for you. Please remember- risk mitigation is at the heart of our program. We offer very competitive prices, but we never compromise quality to do it. 

Lam to Liner

Baseless Booklet Label

Glued Booklet Label

Two and Three Ply Labels

Products and Services offered:

  1. Single ply and 2 part* pressure sensitive labels with optional random variable codes.
  2. Wrap around labels with optional random variable codes.
  3. Standard Booklets Labels for flat surfaces with optional random variable codes.
  4. Special Booklet Labels for vials and small containers with optional random variable codes.
  5. Options to add- DRL- detachable removable label for Case Reports... individually or as a component of a booklet label.
  6. Max booklet sizes over 100 pages.
  7. Text setup/artwork creation
  8. Translation services.
  9. Creation of random codes.

Consider us for your next Global Multilingual Booklet Label Project.

Lam to Liner booklet Labels variable printed text