Letter From Jeff  (January 2016)

Bertrand family. Julia, Ashley, Jeff and Jack.

As the CEO, I am active in day to day operations and am constantly updated on what is going on with our customers and their projects. This means that I am committed to being available to help make decisions that keep your projects moving. Where does this help? It might mean giving the okay to move a project faster through our system. Or, it could be making an adjustment in a price based on special information. The point is when the decision maker is working with the project managers, things get done faster; tougher situations are resolved quicker. This gives you a deep bench of talent when working with JH Bertrand.

I am very proud of the knowledge we have developed over 35 years of making booklet labels. It isn’t a side note for us: it’s our business. We love getting the box of materials that consists of a bunch of containers and sheets of copy with a note that basically says “help”! You will get an honest, realistic assessment of what can be done. We rarely see challenges we can’t meet. In fact, we have a lot of experience with tiny vials and pages of copy. There is almost always a way to get all the copy to fit. As the CEO, I want our excellent staff to feel free to experiment. It’s not uncommon to find nickels, cable ties, paper clips, re-tasked rollers etc on the press helping to complete a job. The spirit to get it done through a dogged persistence is a key trait of the people who work at JH Bertrand.

Finally, it is very important to me that our company is easy to deal with. I often listen to the way we talk with customers and suppliers. It’s very important to me that the company projects a friendly, easy to work with attitude. This is the first trait I look for when considering whether or not to hire somebody. I have worked with companies who couldn’t care less whether you give them the business or not. Or worse, I get an arrogant attitude. I didn’t like those experiences so I don’t want that to ever be part of JH Bertrand. I guarantee that JHB project managers will give you their best efforts with a great attitude. It starts at the top!

Thank you for considering JH Bertrand. I appreciate your business more than my words can express. 

Best Regards,

Jeff Bertrand